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Today, Atlantic Wood operates five wood treatment plants, in four East Coast states from Georgia to New Jersey. Each of the plants has been strategically located to take advantage of raw material resources and truck, rail and water transportation. Our largest plant has direct access to ocean-going vessels which facilitates the company's export shipments and domestic deliveries along the coast. In addition, the company maintains distribution yards along the East Coast positioned to enhance our ability to serve all of our customers.

Atlantic Wood History
Atlantic Wood Industries had its beginning in 1901 as the Atlantic Creosoting Company. Back then, its wood treating was limited to railroad crossties, most of which were shipped to fruit companies in Central America...
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Our Plant Locations
With accessible locations for our all of customer needs, we are proud to offer five stratgic locations to further our fullfilment of offering the best customer satisfaction.

Hainesport, New Jersey
Phone (609) 267-4700
Fax (609) 267-8964

Fruitland, Maryland
Phone (410) 749-2034
Fax (410) 548-4382

Newsoms, Virginia
Phone (757) 654-9462
Fax (757) 654-6837

Savannah, Georgia

Phone (912) 964-1234
Fax (912) 964-1331

Vidalia, Georgia

Phone (912) 537-4188
Fax (912) 537-3587


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